We'll be there as soon as possible.

Although the names are similar, they are far from being the same.

I'd like to meet Raj sometime.

Gunter's resume's impressive.


God, oh God, why have you forsaken me?

He gathered up his things and left.

They all look the same to me.

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Roxane tried to ignore the pain.

You can have breakfast between 7 and 9.

Why are you following me?

Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee?

Laurence knew him.

Surya abandoned his dream of becoming an oceanographer.

I can read French.

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I wasn't expecting Wolfgang to be here.

Koko chose the tree.

Chet threw a stone into the pond.

This problem is in his field.

People called him a philosopher.


Take your coat off, and make yourself at home.

Happy the one who no more desires!

Panos promised to do so.

We transported the computer to the office.

I loaned Kit some money.

I'll go no matter what.

We all made preparation for the meeting.

Thank you for teaching me how to do this.

All creatures drink joy at the breast of nature; all good, all evil follow her trail of roses.

The warehouse was empty except for a piece of furniture.

And then I breathe a sigh from melancholy in being unable to do anything about it.


We've corrected the problem.


Is there some reason why Brandi isn't here today?

She suffers from a chronic malady.

Stanley has been lying through his teeth, hasn't he?

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Is that Guatemala?

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The rain lasted the whole night.


An opinion is shocking only if it is a conviction.

It's sort of fashionable, but the price is too high!

Just buy them some candy.

The new rotas are in the office.

How do you like Boston so far?

Jarl is just not good at dancing.

We've never seen Hector like this before.

You had every right to make fun of us.

The author of "The Last of the Mohicans", James Fenimore Cooper, was the first environmentalist.

He is too little to take the book from the shelf.

I couldn't even guess.

Saiid gave his cat to Dan.

He is friendly to us and wants our help.

I thought it wasn't appropriate.

Have you ever mixed chilli with mustard?

It's not likely to rain tomorrow.

I want to drink a pint of Guinness right now.

We need money first.

That feels amazing.

I will stay here till three o'clock.

I intend to do so.

Aristotle believed that the sublunary sphere was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

He was a perfect gentleman.


Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

He'll be here any moment.

Raymond's out cold.


What exactly are you suggesting?

Let me help you, if necessary.

Our country is in serious trouble.

I'll tell you what Neville told me.

I had never seen such an exciting baseball game before.


We named our dog Rex.

Sumitro should have invited Martin, but he didn't.

That's a pretty little girls' school.

I know I'm going to be sick.

I spilled water on my keyboard. I must buy a new one.


She likes what I've done.

I love doing things and crossing them off my to-do list.

Is the ticket good for the floating tram as well?

You should've listened to Jon.

I believe that's it.


The summer had gone before I knew.

Purchasing power has greatly fallen.

We must find the money, Madam Chairman, for the sake of the children.

I can't believe Caleb made that kind of mistake.

Brad is coming up the front walk.

"Whose dresses are these?" "They are Nabila's."

The wife and son of the statesman died three years ago.


It's been a bad week for them.


Rich foods don't agree with my health.


Elsa told Brodie more about his past.


Dad will return in a few days.


Gypsy had the same problem.


Happening in a city, the accident would have caused a disaster.

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We'll start as soon as it stops raining.

He loves toys.

We have to obey the rules.


I know you've got a gun.

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Their scope and shape is unclear.

The more people I meet, the more people like me.

She had nothing else to say.

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We've been living here since October.


He worked hard to promote peace.

You're a babe.

Unless it rains, I will go, too.

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I hope they'll understand you anyway.

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This came for you this morning.

How long are you going to be here?

Can you do this yourself?

He worked hard to promote peace.

We've got to save Chuck.


And then I heard that they eat blue cheese on thin ginger cookies in Sweden. Can that be right?


That store no longer sells cosmetics.

You too have no idea how important you are for me.

You may as well do the task now.

Where's that movie showing?

It's annoying when people make out at work.


I have decided to tell him that I like him.


I've made many mistakes in my life.


It has been a good day.

It's very quiet here, isn't it?

"This came for you." "Urgh..." "So hey, you remember that one that she sent you where she asked you to get her those pictures of Applejack's brother?" "Yeah." "And then she told you to write a critique on Mac's physical appearance." "Yeah." "Then she sent the critique to Mac." "...Yeah." "What did you tell her you learned from that?" "I found that a Phillips screwdriver is persuasive, but not seductive; and also Rarity charges up the butt for stuff I really think she should do as a friend."

I didn't know you cooked.

The Foreign Minister was a puppet.

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Do you think I should tell my parents about us?

Did you wait for her?

Ji hit her on the head.

Does this bus go to the Hilton Hotel?

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.

Can you do it tomorrow?

Prakash pointed to the floor near Dan's right foot.

Kamel easily guessed Kathleen's password.

There must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek common ground.

Roxana answered the first question on the list.

I caught her by the hand.

Law and politics are two different things.

We're not supposed to be doing this.


The spell was broken, and the pig was again transformed into a man.

Charlie wanted to drop out of school.

Lum owns a very profitable company.


We are still hoping that Jaime will get better.

I lost my watch yesterday.

Almost all societies now have a money economy based on coins and paper bills of one kind or another.

She drinks a cup of blueberry tea.

He struck up friendships with the most unlikely people.

We pushed the rock hard in vain.

Science and technology have come to pervade every aspect of our lives and, as a result, society is changing at a speed which is quite unprecedented.


It looks like you did a good job.

Honesty is a beggar on crutches; roguery is a princess with a crown.

After Moe had drunk quite a bit of beer at the party, he imitated Chewbacca's voice.

How far away is the airport?

They were, for the most part, college students.

Not everybody graduates.

Knute says he's not willing to take that risk.


Her name was changed to protect her identity.

It was the end of winter, and the weather was very cold.

The TGV goes faster than any other train in the world.


His view seems to be too optimistic.


He decided to quit smoking.

Maybe this opinion is correct.

She was off in her Sunday best.

I had scarcely walked a minute before I met him.

Excessive work saps your strength, you need to rest for a bit.

I will not speak French with you again.

Susumu bought a new camera.